We certainly had a blast of winter weather, didn't we?

(Note: Wes Nessman is a co-owner of Nightmare On 19th Street)

I can't remember getting a wintery blast like we got this past Saturday and Sunday this early in the season. For some, it ruined Halloween plans, while others got completely into the spooky vibe. For instance, Nightmare On 19th Street was packed even though it drizzled all night long.

Sunday was a different story. We had to cancel all events at Nightmare On 19th Street. We just couldn't ask actors to run around in the near-freezing weather, with a wind chill taking it down to the low twenties. Also scuttled due to the weather was the Nightmare Little Kids Trick-Or-Treat.

The problem with kids trick-or-treating in foul weather is that they have to cover up their costumes. Trust me, as a former kid, it's no fun to have the perfect Spider-Man outfit and then have to cover it up with a big bulky coat. We wanted to give the kids a better chance to show off those costumes, while not catching cold.

This brings us to the rescheduled event. It will be Tuesday, Halloween night from 5:30 to 6:15. It will, of course, be while supplies last, but we have a LOT of candy.  We are hoping to take care of more than 500 kids at this event.

In case you are unaware, Nightmare On 19th Street is in the back of the Lone Star Events Center at 602 East 19th. Our Mayhem Midway does feature some very large skeletons and a few coffins that we cannot move. If these things don't spook your kids, then we'd love to see you.

This entire idea was dreamed up by the RockShow over ten years ago, and we can't wait to pass out those treats for another year.  We also have to give HUGE thanks to United Supermarkets and Blue Bell Ice Cream for making our candy budget go so much further.

Nightmare Little Kids Trick Or Treat

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