It's unfortunate that the band Badflower chose to delay their show in Lubbock. Hey, stuff happens. But the idea that 'nobody good comes to Lubbock' may be one of the dumbest things that I have EVER seen written on our Facebook page.

My apologies to the Facebook poster who wrote "nobody good comes to Lubbock," you may have some kind of hole in your life that's impossible to fill. Lubbock doesn't know how good it has it. Just for a moment, think about our upcoming concert lineup.

  • The single most popular heavy metal band of all time, Metallica
  • The voice of the most successful hard rock band of all time Led Zeppelin, Mr. Robert Plant
  • Legendary grunge band, and one of the big four of grunge, Stone Temple Pilots
  • The most exciting frontman of the last 20 years, Jacoby Shaddix and Papa Roach
  • Current top 10 artist From Ashes to New (with Papa Roach)
  • Metal legends Machine Head
  • Million selling, and one of the most dynamic bands anywhere, All That Remains
  • Multi-platinum artist and vocalist of Skid Row, Sebastian Bach
  • Two of the most amazing guitars on the planet, and one who just finished up a stint in Ozzy's band, Vinnie Moore and Gus G
  • Brutal hardcore legends Dying Fetus
  • And wrapping it up, just because I don't feel like doing any more research, War Of Ages, Flaw/Smile Empty Soul, Hoobastank, Madball, Bless The Fall, Hinder and more.

Let's also not forget that we just had the band that has the song of the year, Bad Wolves.

Any town in America would be happy to have one-quarter of these bands visit. You're welcome to be disappointed that they're not your favorite bands, but I have news for you: Your favorite band has a lot of the second or third "greatest of all time" because they're not better than Metallica, Plant, Stone Temple Pilots or Papa Roach.

Get tickets for Metallica and Robert Plant.

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