Sorry gang, while the majority of Lubbock is comprised of good, decent people, there are some white dog turds on the lawn, too.

I am not down with the white supremacy thing. I know I'm sure as hell not superior to anyone, and anyone with any real-life experience will tell you the same. It's the dumb-dumbs of the world that are trying to use skin color as a way to up their lot in life.

In case you were unaware, Nazi flyers were left in some yards in North Lubbock. Of course, they did it at a time when they couldn't be seen (hopefully, someone caught them on security cameras)

Well, Nazis, I hate to tell you this, but it's hard to prove you're superior when you can't even spell. While I can't make out everything on the flyer, it's obvious they misspelled "people" as "propel" and "reality" as "reliaty." The also used "apart" when trying to express "a par." Maybe it's time that the Nazis team up with some grammar Nazis before they put out flyers.

So, what's not surprising about this? Guys, seriously? Lubbock was built by a slaveowner, and Black people were actually zoned to the east side of town (which is a hard life to break out of). These things do not just go away; they linger and, in some quarters, actually grow. On the flip side of this, I have to totally give it up to our mayor for quickly condemning this nonsense.

I'm also not real happy that the report is of "racially-motivated" materials. It' NAZI PROPAGANDA. NAZI. Say it out loud so people can understand that there is at least one person here in Lubbock that gets a stiffy for Hitler.

At the end of the day, we'll probably find out that this was the work of a lone whackadoodle, but it's a good warning sign that if Lubbock wants to be the "friendliest city," we're gonna have to get rid of some Nazis.

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