The headline pretty much tells the whole story here.

A friend made this comment on their Facebook status and it could not be truer; if you want proof that Lubbock is not the "Friendliest City In Texas" then look no farther than the comments sections of our local newspaper and t.v. stations. Now, it's not the medias fault that there are so many mean-spirited comments, that lies solo on the residents of this town that vent about everything with little to no intelligence or empathy in their posts.

We get a fair amount of this hateful behavior on our own site, but it's easier to take when someone tells you that a band you like sucks, versus someone saying that someone should die because they vote differently than you. I CAN tell you that promoters, bands and other people interested in putting shows on in the Hub City track the nonsense talked about artists on our page so it's most likely that the hateful comments on the news sites influence people who are thinking of doing business with or coming to, the Hub City.

Being "The Most Friendly City In Lubbock" is a noble goal and I salute everyone who wants to get there; after all the first step is deciding what we want to be. Now we have to remember that this ugly online behavior shows our city in a very poor light.


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