It's Going To Be A Halloweenie This Year!

When I was a little kid in Orange County California, if we saw the Wienermobile on the freeway we would lose our freakin' minds! It was just the greatest custom car ever.

The drivers of this iconic machine reached out to us at Nightmare On 19th Street hoping for some Halloween fun. We not only told them that we'd love to have them on Saturday night October 28th, we asked them if they could join us the next day for the "Little Kids Trick Or Treat" on the 29th.  Lucky for us, their generosity is as big as their hot dogs and they decided to appear on both days.

If you're not familiar with the Wienermobile, a big part of the experience was score an "Oscar Mayer Wiener Whistle" and by hook or crook, I will finally reach the end of my 40-year quest to get one.

There will be absolutely no charge to come see the Wienermobile, which may or may not be dressed up as a "haunted wiener" for the occasion. If you're real nice, they may even let you check out the inside.

This is only part of the Halloweenie fun on Saturday night. Our friends at Red Dawgs (the best chili dog you've ever had in your life) will be there. Also, Pickled Punk star Drew Blood will attempt to set the world record for having the most hot dogs in his mouth at one time.

On Sunday, the "Little Kids Trick Or Treat" is from 6p-7p. We expect our friends from Abbeyville Dentistry, Blue Bell and Sonic to join us, along with our new friends from the Off-R-Rockers Jeep club (Texas Chapter) to be on hand.

Disclaimer: Wes Nessman is part owner of Nightmare On 19th Street, but his love of the Wienermobile could not be more real.

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