Friday, April 14th, P.O.D. return to Jake's.

P.O.D. has to be one of the most surprising bands out there. Sonny used to get a bad rap about not being able to pull the songs off live, then started nailing it every time. We announced them for the jam-packed 34th FMX Birthday Bash and they were kind of overlooked. But then, they up and stole the show.

The band has mounted comeback after comeback and continue to deliver high-energy, kick-ass shows. I recommend that you start planning to lay low after this show right now, because P.O.D. will wipe you out live. These guys are a serious energy conduit, and Jake's Backroom is going to go ape-crazy when the band hits.

Here's some nice video someone posted of the band at the 34th FMX Birthday Bash. The audio isn't so great, but it's still a cool video.

Here's another great video of Sonny killing it.


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