Well, I'm not much of a gentleman, but guess who is?

Former Texas Tech and current Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes has landed the cover of Gentleman's Quarterly. I'm not sure where this rates in terms of honor, but it's certainly higher than most of us will ever reach.

What's interesting to me is that GQ is a men's fashion magazine, so why did they dress Mahomes in the "mafia tracksuit" look? Is this style? Can't we get this guy in a nice three-piece suit? Even the inside picture has him with a very stylish sweater, but still track pants. What's the track suit deal? Am I that out of touch?

Further perusing the pics, you finally get to see Mahomes in a Peacoat but not before you see him outfitted in a flour monstrosity that would make your third-grader refuse to go to school.

Anyways, I'm just kidding, and believe me, I know I have no fashion sense; if a shirt doesn't have a metal band or a monster on it, I don't wear it. We could not be prouder of Patrick Mahomes, and thank him for not only being such a wonderful representative of the Red Raiders, but also of a pro football player and human being.

I hope you'll take the time to check out the Mahomes pictures and to read the article as well.  He is obviously well-loved by his team and puts a lot of thought into everything he does.

If anybody can get this message to Patrick, though, please tell him to use all his money to buy back the pictures in that flower thing; it's not going to age well.

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