People are throwing around the term "wifey' these days.  Now, the definition may seem a little obvious, but I thought I'd spell it out for you street level pimps so that someday you may be able to join me in the penthouse.  More after the jump.

The definition of 'wifey' is simple.  She's your ultimate woman. She's everything you've ever dreamed of or fantasized about. That's why you'll occasionally see fitness or bikini models described as 'wifey'.  Now, in order to fully understand 'wifey', you need to understand 'boo'.  Boo is your best girl, maybe even a lifelong companion, but boo is not wifey. , Chances are your high school girlfriend was or is your 'boo', the girl you're working on now is your 'wifey'. In other words, "boo" is just there until you find 'wifey'. Look around you, there is a guy you know who is just staying with a girl until he finds something better-that is a 'boo/wifey' situation'.  It also makes the guy kind of a dick, but I don't have to explain that word to you. If Hollywood made a movie called "The Boo/Wifey Story", everything would be going fine with a guy and his boo, until wifey comes along. Then for a sappy ending, the guy would realize his original boo was wifey all along (it's not hard to write a Hollywood movie is it?).

Now, below 'wifey' and 'boo' are 'bitches' and 'hoes', but these are just various levels of girls that you'd have sex with, but wouldn't develop any type of serious relationship with.

Yeah, I actually researched this in the Urban Dictionary.  Here's more if you care.

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