The Old Players Gentlemen's Club

Players Gentleman's Club, home of topless entertainment (and actually, some really great food), is now gone forever.

Of course, the club has been closed for a minute and it became a few other things between closing and now. But the reality that it is no more really comes home when you see the demolition.

Strip clubs have always weirded me out. I like lady bits as much as the next guy, but it just felt slightly off to me. Even then, I had a few good nights hanging out in the back.

Right or wrong, people don't understand the value of a strip club in a city. It's certainly among one of the top things that visitors like to do. Since the internet provides all kinds of adult activities it certainly isn't what it was, but this type of club was/is a deciding factor for conventions, tourists and even some men being lured for jobs here.

Anyways, I guess there's no reason to provide any more context because the rubble tells the rest of the story.

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