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I'm just like you when I can't find something in a store, or I'm simply too lazy to look: I order online.

I can't be the only one who's noticed that about half the time you order something online, it's of inferior quality, the wrong size, or it just out and out sucks.

I fully realize that I'm not going to change my or your spending habits, but maybe if we remember all of the disappointments that have come in the mail, we'll shop our local businesses and even larger businesses that have chosen to be in our community.

It's scary that so much of our cash goes to just a couple of places. If those places choose to, they can raise their prices at any time. Having little competition means that these few mega-sellers have the ability to raise prices and lower quality at a whim.

We need our local retailers and the jobs that come with them. Make ordering online your LAST resort.

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