If Mr. Potatohead is what you're heated about these days, then you really need to evaluate your life.

The cesspool that is the internet turned into a white-hot flaming cesspool this weekend when it was announced that the Mister Potatohead brand would be changed to Potatohead. Do you not get this? It's not about gender-neutral or anything based in the real world, it means that they wanted to call it "Potatohead" because is more accurately describes the fact that there is a Mr. Potatohead, a Mrs. Potatohead, a Potatohead Cat, a surly looking Potatohead teen and so on.

If you really wanted to get salty about something, think about how confusing it could be that you would have a  "Mr. Potatohead Mrs. Potatohead". That actually makes zero sense. Let me spell this out clearly for you. Let's say we have human males and human females. Instead of saying a man is a "human male man" and a woman is a "human female woman" we call everybody just "human".  That's all this was and all it was ever meant to be.

This was never about Mr. Potatohead and his search for his sexual identity or anything like that, it was just clarifying the overall brand name. I know some of you don't understand the gender thing and find it easier to fight about than to actually accept and learn, but when it comes down to this dumb potato toy, you're just making yourself look silly. It's a giant plastic potato that has storage in its butt for his nose, so why don't you get upset about that?


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5 Platinum Records at the FMX Studio



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