My real first name is Wes. I was seriously bummed on more than one occasion when I couldn't get my name on novelty license plates or door plaques as a kid. It was almost like everyone at the Disneyland gift shop was giving a giant white Mickey middle finger to the few kids out there named Wes.

People also make certain assumptions about names as well.  According to 24 boys were named Lucifer last year.  Think about that, even from the opposite side. You're a kid and you tell your mom, "Hey mom, I'm going to go play with Lucifer" and she'll say, "the hell you are".  You see, a kid name Lucifer is going to start out with fewer friends than other kids.

The same thing kind of goes with names that use unusual spelling. Your kid is going to want to want his name on a lunchbox and you don't want to have to pay extra to get it just right.

I FULLY encourage individuality and creativity whenever I can, but sometimes a putting a weird name on a kid is just too much to bear. Give 'em a weird middle name if you have to, but don't start your kid out with a strike against them.


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