Man, it is tough out there. It's even tougher when you're raising kids and you get struck with cancer.

K. Howerton

Katt Howerton is a long-time friend of the radio station. You've probably bumped into her or walked past her at some event. She's just like me and you but she just got dealt a really bad hand.

Katt is currently fighting stage 4 cancer. It's a fight that can be won but it's one of the toughest fights out there.

Katt was in remission since 2014, so she and her fiance took on the task of becoming legal guardians for five of their nieces and nephews. With Katt getting sick again, her fiance has had to take off work to care for the kids. This is the battle this entire family is fighting. Making things worse is that Katt's body does not have the enzymes needed to break down the chemotherapy, so she has to visit a specialized doctor in New Mexico.

Don't let the pretty picture fool you. I used this pic for your benefit. Katt is in very rough shape right now and deserves some privacy and dignity.  Should you have a few bucks you can toss her way, you can do it here. It never hurts to have a little good karma on your side.

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