This is blog number 6451 for me. That isn't a ridiculous number I made up, that's the ACTUAL number of blogs I've written on this platform. I actually wrote blogs before that, and in fact, wrote blogs before they were called blogs.


So let's get to the point, myself and my fellow authors, want to know what you're interested in. We want to know what you're involved in and how it went.  This isn't a survey or any of that nonsense, it's just a reminded to loop us in when you have events. There's always bake sales and car shows that need a little publicity. Then there are occasions when you see or hear of something going on in town that makes you curious, well hit us up and we'll check it out. We would also love to post pictures when possible.

Lot's of times, if you give us enough advance notice, we can bring your stuff to the public eyeball several times, in fact, there were a couple of events just this past weekend that I really wish someone we would have known about sooner. You can always send ideas, weird pics, flyers or whatever to me here, or hit up our Digital Editor here.

We can't guaranty we can hit every single topic that is put in front of us, but we'll hit a heck of a lot more than you may think we're capable of.  If you need to save our contact info for future use, it's and

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