I was a bit taken aback this morning when I saw one candidates campaign slogan.  The slogan in question was "trust God, not congress".  Um, just how many hundreds of examples do people need to see that religion and politics do not mix.  The bummer thing to me is, I was going to vote for this guy, because, in my opinion, his opponent is everything wrong with politics.  Now my choices are nutty and nuttier, yeah.  More after the jump.


Read the history of the U.S.  Both the atheists and the religious amongst our forefathers agreed that there was no place for religion in politics.  One of the main reasons we left England was the increasing influence of the Church Of England in politics.

Right now, we're bombing the crap out of people who are fighting for a return to "Sharia Law", meaning they want to be ruled by religion and not politics.  Now, for starters, you could have a million people interpret any religious texts and you'll come out with nearly a million different perspectives, so while some of you might agree that the only law we need is "gods law", we need mans law to interpret and enforce those laws.

Anyways, I'm not trying to jam my views up your rear, I'm trying to say, don't let anyone jam their views up your rear.  Now, if you care about my vote, don't put "trust god not congress" and "tea party" on your banner.  I want people who are willing to listen to all sides and make a decision in congress, not people who already have their mind made up.

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