I am rather perplexed at folks willingness to throw a generation's worth of money at a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

Families And Friends Visit Each Other Through U.S. Mexico Border Fence
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I'm not here to discuss immigration or politics. Neither of those things even need to come into play here. The fact is, a wall is a stupid idea.

You can go over and under a wall. In fact, we already know for a fact that tunnels have been used over and over to transport people, drugs and whatever else between the U.S. and Mexico.  A wall is easily scalable with a ladder, or you can just fly over it. Then there's the fact that you can just go around a wall.

If you really want to keep people from going back and forth, quit giving them reasons to. Quit hiring them to pick fruit, to clean hotel rooms, and most of all, legalize weed. Then again, all of this can be discussed later, this blog is about one thing, a wall is stupid, expensive and ineffective, the end.

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