I guess we're going to have a discussion on why the name Lubbock isn't so swell.

Thomas Saltus Lubbock was big into slavery. He even was part of a secret organization to promote a confederation of slave states. There's more to that if you want to get some background.

I personally think the name Lubbock has transcended its roots and really isn't worth worry about, but hey, why not change? I'm one of those people who think that tradition is dead men's baggage, so let's get a fresh start.

A Texas Tech professor was actually the first to bring up this idea, but I'm going to run it over the finish line. Let's start with the fact that "Hub City" doesn't work. In case you didn't know, there's already a whole bunch of places that call themselves that. Here are 9 other choices:

  • 1


    Hey, if I'm going to be the one to come up with names, then of course a name inspired by me is going to be on top.

  • 2

    Dirt City

    Sorry, city leaders, that's what the kids call it, so you may as well succumb.

  • 3

    Texas Techville

    Why not name the town after our most popular institution? Texas Tech University runs this city, so it should get some credit.

  • 4

    United Supermarkets Area

    This is an easy one, we're just taking away an "n" from the arena's name. We could save by buying signs in bulk.

  • 5


    Just imagine all the tourism we'll get from people looking for their lost shaker of salt.

  • 6


    Yes, it's just a shortened version of "Prairie Dog Town," but you have to admit, it sounds pretty darn catchy.

  • 7

    Stinky's Corner

    I don't know who Stinky is or why we would be in his corner, but it does sound like a fun name to see on your bills.

  • 8

    Brown Acres

    You can't deny this one. It's very brown around here. It's brown to a fault. Shoe leather, dirty diaper brown

  • 9


    Yes, there has to be a Buddy Holly option somewhere in here. This seems as good as any other.