We are looking to accomplish a couple of things, first and foremost to share some awesome concert memories.

We would also like to take the opportunity to use this page to build a concert history of Lubbock.

The group is "Uncomfortable Close-Ups Of Concert Tickets And Memorabilia".  Since we created the group and seeded it with members from Lubbock we know we'll get a great representation of all things that have rocked over the last four decades.

In a perfect world, each picture would be of one item so we can make out what it is better, other than that, here are some answers to some questions you may have:

*Should I post a ticket if someone has posted one from the same show. Hell yes! This is about showing off what YOU have been to, not just what has happened.

*Should I publish tickets stubs from shows, not in this area? Heck yeah to that too.
*What else should I post? Tickets, passes, t-shirts, programs, pictures with the bands and autographed items should be the main focus, and if you wish, actual concert photos.

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