Delta 8 is currently sold at your favorite CBD store.

When is the government going to quit legislating morality? The potential ban of Delta 8 is the latest attempt at government overreach and trying to fix a problem where there isn't one.

Have you heard about all of the overdoses on Delta 8? What about Delta 8 crime? Have you heard about any of this? The answer is no because it's not a problem.

Delta 8 is THC extracted from hemp and not marijuana. Folks take it to help sleep, to deal with PTSD, and other things that just require a person to be more "mellow".

Supporters of the sale of Delta 8 are very worried because, once again, Senator Charles Perry is involved. Perry is the chair of the Senate Water, Agriculture, and Rural Affairs committee and generally votes for very restrictive laws when it comes to personal responsibility issues.

So what about it guys? Do you need the government to diaper you? Do you want your favorite CBD shop to go out of business? You know, many older people are now fans of CBD because it eases inflammation and helps the ol' bones rattle just a bit less  (I used it to help me start running again). Take some time and read a little more info from the Texas Hemp Coalition.

I'll say it one more time. Politicians pushing these puritan values to chum for votes are causing unnecessary suffering and preventing what could be a huge windfall if they'd just go ahead and legalize cannabis.  The band on Delta 8, is a complete and total step backward.


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