I just put together the commercials for the return of Spyder One.

I feel like Powerman 5000 is the one to break the 7th Seal Of Concerts around here. They were one of the final shows before the pandemic (it was freaking epic).  We've had shows in dribs and drabs here and there but we still haven't opened up 100%.

This Friday, Jake's will rock again!

Powerman 5000 is obviously all over the U.S. making up shows that were postponed due to the pandemic. It's a treat that they will be in the Hub City on Friday night. Previously sold tickets will be honored and new tickets can be had at Ralph's Records on 82nd and Indiana.

A Powerman show is truly like no other. Spyder One always has the band whipped into tip-top shape and there are moments when you really do feel like the roof is going to come off the place. They just do such an incredible job of building the tension then blowing your hair back.

Also on the bill are "The World Over", our friends in the fantastic "Fluid Frequency" (I'm wearing their shirt at this very moment) and "Element Of Nexus".

Fan or not, I encourage you to Jake's this Friday night and blow a little of that dust off. I promise you'll walk away impressed. Powerman doesn't know how to hit singles, they hit home runs time after time. The band's bread and butter is their live show and they will kill it as always.


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Here's a gallery of the last time the band visited.

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