With our 13th year coming up at Nightmare On 19th Street we wanted to do something really special.

We enlisted a wild, world-renowned artist to bring our 3-D and U.V. art up about a hundred levels. Stuart Smith has done haunted houses, laser tag facilities are the U.S. and around the world. He's done projects in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia and more. With a resume like that and art like this, we were stoked when he agreed to come to Lubbock.

The attraction will be our own twisted take on the Krampus legend. For those unfamiliar, Krampus is basically the anti-Claus in Nordic countries. Simply put, Santa is for good boys and girls, Krampus is for bad boys and girls. Among the art, you'll find demons, evil snowmen and so much more. This isn't just wall art either; as you'll see in the video, you'll actually be surrounded by some of the art 360 degrees.

So you may say, "well I've already seen it, why should I go?". The answer is, you're seeing some amazing paint, there's so much more to come. When you see this 3-D art with special glasses and the addition of the other decorations and actors, you're in for an amazing finale to a night at Nightmare.

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