This guy, known as "Uncle Rob," is awesome!

The reason for wearing a mask is so that you're not blowing snot rockets on other people. So how to you get this idea across to manly men? The answer is the same one that Beavis always had: FIRE! FIRE!

Uncle Rob digs out a nice flammable substance that shoots six to eight feet or so, and gives the best demonstration ever. Not only does he prove his point, but it works even better than he thought it would. He gets right up in there before it becomes a thing.

Give it a watch no matter what your feeling on masks is, because, once again, it features big flames, a fake head, and things accidentally catching on fire.

I love what Uncle Rob is doing here. If everyone would just dislodge the stick from their bum, they could be having fun with the whole mask thing. I don't know if I would say that I "enjoy" wearing a mask to the store, but it's not even really an inconvenience. It's not really that different than putting your hat on before you go into the store.

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