I was at Walmart the other night at 3 a.m. and I ran into a listener. That's when things got a little strange.

I truly love meeting listeners whenever and wherever I can. I also like to put a face with the folks I'm communicating with. It does always seem to happen at the strangest times, maybe because we do have a little bit more time to communicate when there aren't many people around.

So I was checking out at a local Walmart, and the same listener I met earlier was buying a can of pumpkin. I commented: "Dude, it's kind of weird to have a pumpkin craving at 3 a.m." And he replied: "It's not for me, it's for my dog." What?

He went on to say his dog was constipated, and that pumpkin is some kind of "super food" for dogs. That it helps dogs when they're stopped up and when they have the runs. I just wished him well with that because I thought it was some kind of weird dust-billy home remedy.

When I got back to the FMX studio, I looked it up and it's the real deal. It's really a thing, and apparently the recommended way to deal with constipated dogs. There are dozens and dozens of articles and blogs to back this up. I recommend you do a little research into how much you should give your dog.

So you learned something today. Here's to your dog making properly textured lawn sausages for you with the help of a little pumpkin.

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