Some of you know Bliss Boutique under its former name, "Intimate Expressions".

No matter what name they are under the folks at Bliss Boutique have made it a holiday tradition to have a "Giving Tree" on site to benefit the clients of Women's Protective Services.

Unfortunately, there's always a need to help victims of abuse, but high-stress times, like holidays can make some problems worse. Many women and children leave abusive situations with nothing but the clothes on their back and they need a little help pulling things back together.

So what's a good item to donate? Sheets, blankets, towels, personal care items, baby stuff, kids clothes, I mentioned earlier, most of these women and children are starting from scratch and currently have nothing. Any new and unwrapped item is welcome. You can bring the items into Bliss Bridal unwrapped and place directly under the tree. As a thank you, Bliss Boutique will give you a 40% discount if you choose to make a purchase.

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