Okay, this one drives me CRAZY!!!

Here's the situation. You ask a general question or favor of your Facebook friends, then you get a bunch of completely unnecessary answers.

Let me clarify, for instance you say, "Who will be at the party this Saturday at 10?"  The goal is for you to get an idea of who is going to be there, a count maybe, so you can plan. But instead of JUST getting the people who CAN be there you get...

*I wish I could go but I can't

*I'm sorry I don't have a ride

*I only party alcohol-free

*The last party I went to I got in so much trouble

and so on.

Basically, you get a bunch of unhelpful, garbage answers that makes it harder to get the answer you're looking for. It's simple guys, there are some questions that don't require an excuse, or even a yes or no answer. Just answer the question if it helps the person who is asking.

One more example. A friend was looking for help moving into an apartment here in Texas and said, "who can help me this Saturday?" and some waste of human skin, seriously answered, "I would, but I'm in Florida".  You've seen that kind of thing before, now haven't you? Okay, then just stop, you are NOT helping.


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