I was reading about this year's Raider Alley "enhancements," and I'm wondering who's booking the shows.

It comes as no surprise to you, but the fact is that Lubbock ROCKS. The most popular music in Lubbock is rock, followed by what's called "classic hits," which is rock mixed with old school top 40 (think Eddie Money meets Michael Jackson). And WAY back there is country, and way behind traditional country is what's called Red Dirt Country .(Yes, I'll admit that sometimes it's called college country.)

So what's the lineup for Raider Alley this season? Well, I'm not going to name names, but they ALL come from that very last country category. I don't even want to pop a squat on that music; I'd just like to see a little more variety in the presentation.

Why not put Whips N Kisses in there, or even Element? Let's also keep in mind that I'm just mentioning local bands. I'm betting some of these acts that are book are getting comparable money to what a nice regional or even small national act gets.

So c'mon, Raider Alley crew, I'm not hatin'; I wanna be participatin'. I want people pumped up and not just listening to wistful country ballads. It's a new era under Matt Wells (and at least one of the new Texas Tech coaches was at the Metallica show) so let's freshen up the approach to bookings.

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