Our friends with Rampage Wrestling are back at it!

Saturday, February 6th the Rampage wrestlers reconvene for the championship tournament at the Prima Vista Event Center.

We have been watching the promotion, based out of Lubbock, for quite some time now and we are more than impressed with the quality of their shows. Rampage puts on a family-friendly wrestling event with heroes, villains, and a few characters that just are.

The event does require masks for everyone's safety and social distancing will be required. I think you'll find it to be a fun and safe event to attend. I'll also say that you will be impressed with the level of technical ability of this crew. These guys really bang it out and tell a story in the ring.

Keep in mind that the last event SOLD OUT and did so far in advance, so if this is something that you think you might like (you will) you need to get your tickets in advance.

The event is actually called "Rude Awakening '21" and tickets are available here. If you have young kids, I really recommend the "Rampager Experience" where you get to meet and greet and hang out with the guys. They all take their responsibility as role models very seriously in and out of the ring.

My friends Erik Grason and Jastin Taylor will be on the bill and the show will be called by another friend Derec Mercer. Big draws Alton Black, Jester and Axel Savage are also on the bill along with the queen of Rampage Wrestling, Ms. Domino, and many others.

Rampage Wrestling

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