The Red Raider Men's Basketball team deserves better than this.

After a hard day in the sun, I had to go to bed early. The first thing I did when I woke up was check on the game results. Before I could see what the score was, before I even knew that the Raiders won, I had to go through messages about a riot in the Depot District.

I finally found a story that said that the fans were rioting because of the win. Then, I am not exaggerating, I had to go five media stories deep to find out what the score was. The headline at KCBD was not "Texas Tech Wins," but "Lubbock Police Use Tear Gas To Disperse Crowd As Tech Fans Takes To The Streets." (Notice, no mention of Texas Tech's historic win or anything.)

Now, think about what I just told you. Before any outsider hears anything good about Lubbock, they get to hear about the worst of the worst. When a parent looks at Texas Tech as a possible school for their kid, they're not going to think, 'why, that school has a winning tradition.' They are going to think, 'is my kid going to be safe there?'

Let's not just pawn this off on rowdy college kids, either. Apparently, there were lots of people all over town firing their actual guns in the air as if bullets don't come down.

And for what reason did all of this happen? We made it to the big game. We didn't win the big game, and, in fact, we didn't win after a big comeback or with a buzzer beater; we won handily, as champs should.

I recognize that Lubbock isn't the first town to act like idiots with a win. I had just hoped we were better than this, or would at least wait until the championship is over.

Grow up, Lubbock. Act like you've won a game before. This behavior just undid a lot of the good that the Red Raider Basketball team has been bringing to our community.



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