I don't know what's up with Reagor-Dykes. I hope everything gets worked out and everyone goes away happy. What bothers me is that a lot of people are going to have to wait a LONG time for things to get settled.

You may be able to take a FLYING CAR to the Reagor-Dykes trial with Ford as a judge; just set the date for February of 2020. I guess 2020 sounds like THE FUTURE, but it's a year and a half away. A year and a half is a long, long time for anyone trying to make bills.

Now, I don't know how much this affects the little guys caught up in this mess, but it sure doesn't seem like the kind of justice the average man on the street faces. I think with this many people involved, swift, but thorough, justice is called for.

Let's be real, too: With a little money, this lawsuit can, and probably will, be delayed a little further. It's highly possible that this will be all just RDAG versus Ford, but I just don't see a way where a lot of smaller issues and folks also get swept up in it.

Let's hope those involved get some answers soon.

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