Let's start with two things here, #1. Gas prices are too high and #2. Never try to make a point on social media (I tried to explain this to no avail).

Both a CBS news report and a current meme make a claim about Califonia gas prices that is so sensationalized and intellectually dishonest that they make my brain itch.  The gist of both of these items is: California Gas Prices Are Higher Than The Minimum Wage (at least the CBS report used the term "Federal Minimum Wage" in the story).

So let's look at this on the surface, they took some places with the highest prices for gas in California and compared them with the federal minimum wage. So they found a few gas stations that charged around $7.29 a gallon and compared it with the $7.25 federal minimum wage. That's like comparing apples to oranges and I'll tell you why.

The actual average for a gallon of gas in California is $6 and the minimum wage in California is $14.

Now let's compare that to something real. In Texas, the state average is $4.27 while the minimum wage is $7.25.  Can you smell what I'm cooking here? Well, get ready for the *BOOM*.

If you're no good at math, the best way to compare these two is time.  The fact is, the average minimum wage worker in California has to work less than a half-hour for a gallon of gas, while in Texas the worker has to work more than a half-hour for a gallon of gas (things do even up if you're hitting those $7+ gas stations in Cali).

As I said, the original story and meme were intellectually dishonest and sensationalistic. Gas prices are too high. The federal minimum wage is too low. We're getting screwed on gas prices in Texas. Any questions?

p.s. Both my thanks and my apologies for trying to make this point on a friends page. One should not enter a discussion unless theyare willing to see it through.

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