Coach Mark Adams has stepped down as the coach of Texas Tech Basketball.

Sorry for mixing my sports metaphors, but I was really hoping some hail mary pass could have been thrown here. A few coaches from Texas Tech have graced our halls, and my two favorites are Krista Gerlich and Mark Adams. The leadership in both is apparent and as for Adams, he came off as wholesome and genuine as a bowl of milk.

I can't give you any other inside information about Adams other than he LOVES Texas Tech. For this reason, it's no wonder he "stepped down" from the program. It's my personal feeling that no human loves anything enough to "step down" and away from a $15.5 million dollar contract, but he's probably a better man than I am.

If for some reason you need a refresher, Adams was trying to make a player more coachable by quoting a bible passage about "masters and slaves". This of course did not sit well with the player, nor should it have. So again, Adams would have had to recant a bible passage and men of faith generally won't do that.

So what's next for Texas Tech? This is going to be a hard one to overcome. We had all the Chris Beard nonsense, and of course, over on the football side our former pirate passed away, so it's been a crazy few years. Let's just hope all of this change doesn't set the Texas Tech Basketball or other programs too far back.

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