Rob Zombie has a ton of followers on Instagram. So when he posted an old picture from the Buddy Holly statue in Lubbock, our friends noticed.

Michelle originally reposted this, which is where I found it. Rob Zombie grabbed a picture from around 1995 of him next to the Buddy Holly statue here in Lubbock. You can tell it's old for a number of reasons.

1) Just look at Rob. He has fewer tattoos and looks like a kid in this picture.

2) The Buddy Holly statue was still over by the Civic Center.

And 3) This would have been when he was still with White Zombie in 1995-ish, so it would have been the 15th FMX Birthday Bash with them and Filter at the Fair Park Coliseum.

And get ready for our 36th Birthday Bash with Hellyeah coming this weekend on March 4!


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