Sorry if this seems a little late, I had no intentions of publishing it here.

I've had a number of shares, likes, the thumbs up, comments and requests to make public a review of the Robert Plant show I did on my personal page, so I guess it's good enough to share here. Here's the concert review as it was originally written, and I'll throw in some new thoughts afterward.

For me, the Robert Plant show was epic and life fulfilling. He is not a 30-year-old locked in time, but a well-seasoned musician with gravitas and a friendly wink. Some songs were rearranged to fit his voice and some were rearranged to keep him from getting bored. This almost sounds apologetic, but it isn't. He knows his instrument has changed over the years and he plays to his strengths. It's no different than you cooking meatloaf instead of spaghetti because you're better at making meatloaf. He could have left the stage after "Going To California" and I would have been satisfied...but to throw in a Buddy Holly cover into "Whole Lotta Love"? Amazing. I think the greatest testament to his abilities was his new song "Carry Fire" which for the open-minded was the highlight of the night. I had not planned on listening to his new music, but I'm all about it now. I truly felt honored to be in his presence and I'm sure he felt the same way about me. I am really happy.

So what else can I say? Well, I also loved reconnecting with many listeners from now and back in the day. As a matter of fact, I was about to start listing some of them and/or the place they worked and the list just got way too long. I know that seems a little mundane in a concert review, but the "family" aspect of this concert.

The interesting thing about this concert is that soo much of it is crystallized in my memory. I just got the feeling that this wasn't just a show to see, but a show that mattered. Robert Plant is, was and probably will always be just plain MAGIC. So if that was the last show the Auditorium ever had, well then it was an epic one.


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