I read about a 13-year-old who is mowing lawns to make money for school supplies. While I think that is an INCREDIBLE lesson, the question is why?

How is it we can legally compel a kid to be a certain place for a certain time, and not make sure they eat and have the tools they need to do the work? This is just weird to me. A parent can go to jail for not making a kid go to a place where they have nothing to eat for eight hours. A kid can be graded poorly because he doesn't have the supplies he needs when he gets to the class. Let's also not forget that the person in charge of teaching all of these kids frequently has to provide these materials for the kids in the class.

If school is compulsory, then the things necessary to be there should be provided. Add a few bucks to my taxes if you need to. I'd rather have kids in school and learning than out of school breaking into cars. This isn't charity, this is building a better, more equitable tomorrow for everyone.

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