A Texas man has now been missing for several days after he disappeared suddenly from his own backyard. Colby Richards was last seen by his wife as he was getting ready for work at 5 a.m. on Wednesday, May 24 in Woodlands, Texas, near Houston.

His wife had noticed he got up early, but when he didn't return to get ready for work she checked their backyard. She observed the gate was left open, something she says Colby would not due because of the couple's dog and small children. The following is her description of what Colby looks like and what he was last seen wearing:

Richards was last seen wearing a T-shirt, black shorts and grey Under Armour shoes. Richards is 6 feet, 3 inches tall and weighs 195 pounds and has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Additionally, Colby's phone and wallet were left behind.

via Allison Fox on GoFundMe
via Allison Fox on GoFundMe

A GoFundMe was set up by the missing man's cousin to offset search costs and to cover missing salary as he is obviously not currently earning, and neither is his wife as she dedicates her time to finding him, according to a Facebook post in the Help Us Find Colby Richards Facebook page.

I arbitrarily chose 5k as the initial goal because at the time I set it up for her, we didn't know how long she would be out of work searching for him, plus they aren't earning Colby's salary from his full time job or his part time coaching while he is missing. We also didn't know if there would be costs associated with search and rescue.

In addition to the extreme stress of Colby's disappearance, the family has stated that online speculation has made it difficult for real information to get to them. They have asked the public to refrain from doing so on their Facebook, as some people have read speculation, interpreted it as fact, and have relayed misinformation to the family.

If you have seen Colby, or have important information to share about his disappearance, please contact the Woodlands police department at (281) 367-3435.

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