I know what it's like for people with disabilities and with family members that have disabilities. It's a tough road, and the least we can do is keep the handicap spaces available to them.

I received a note and this picture from a listener Tuesday afternoon. I'll let him tell the story:

    My wife suggested I bring this to your attention to address on your forum.

My wife and I were at Mahon Library this morning and as I was leaving I witnessed something that really chapped my ass.

I saw a rent a cop in uniform, left shoulder patch with red lettering and a gold/yellow tree shaped(?) embroidered badge on left breast, park in the handicapped spot nearest to the sidewalk and jump out of his car and sauntered into the library.

Didn't think much of it til I was near his car and saw he had neither handicapped tags or a placard. Waited a bit and when he didn't come back out we left.

Reason it bugs me so bad is that I am a disabled vet with a placard, but unless I am really hurting or just can't find a regular spot I try to leave the handicapped spots for whomever might need it more than me.

I am just tired of self important people who think they deserve special treatment they never earned.

Included is a picture I took of his vehicle.  Sorry for the novel and thank you for your time.

Wow...just, wow. If this happened as reported, then the person who did this gets the d-bag of the month award for June, and we're only five days in.

I would expect anyone who works in security to respect the law, and parking in a handicap space without tags or a sign is 100 percent against the law. Maybe this person will come forward with a good excuse for doing this, but honestly, there is none. Even if you have no legs, if your car doesn't have an official sticker or a mirror hanger, you are breaking the law.

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