I could talk/write about hot dogs all day, and I'm telling you now, there is controversy afoot!

Pixlr/Nessmania  Yes, A.I.,  hot dogs like to float in midair.

Texas Dog

If you were to open a restaurant and you had something called a "Texas Dog" on the menu, what would be on it? It wasn't much of a struggle for me to figure out that the most Texas of hot dogs would probably be an all-beef wiener, chili, purple onions, grated cheese and a few jalapeno slices. I came up with this recipe in .04 seconds and it's really hard to argue with. What else would be more Texan than that?

The Survey

Google posted a map of the top hot dog each state is Googling and the answer for Texas is kind of upsetting.  The "unique" search term that comes up for Texas the most is Korean Hot Dog. Here's the rub, Korean Hot Dogs are more like corn dogs and I'm not so sure that should count. Texas wasn't the only state with this answer either (Also, what's up with Alabama Googling Hot Dog With Cheese as if you need a recipe for that?).

Google Trends
Google Trends

Korean Hot Dogs

I'm going to give Korean Hot Dogs their flowers, even though they don't fit my narrow view of what this survey should be about. Korean Hot Dogs are very similar to Corn Dogs in that they are battered and fried. The batter can vary from Panko to Funnel Cake or any other of a number of flavors. They often have cheese and are quite frequently dipped in other toppings and spices. They certainly sound delicious, but for me, a "hot dog" has a wiener and a bun.

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