I did not want to write this post but I feel like I've been boxed into a corner.

All of you can have whatever fun you want at the ball games. The truth is, I wasn't going to go whether you were the rowdiest or the nicest people in the world. I am very ambivalent about the situation as long as you don't get drunk and hurt someone on the drive home. I am writing because it was implied that some of us might agree with the bad behavior and there are more than a few of us that don't.

It seems like there is little doubt that there was some officiating last Saturday, that when added up, looked like it had an anti-Tech bias. The fans were MAD and I understand. The fans were accused of cursing and possibly throwing things. Two sections were actually cleared in the craziness (which was a total jerk thing for the refs to do).  I want to say it again, it very much looks like Tech was being made an example of on and off the field.

But...and here's where I lose some of you...giving these fans an actual name and incentive (free t-shirts) pretty much says, "we're okay if you act like jerks". This could result in more trouble down the line and who knows, maybe someday it will result in a technical foul that could really cost the team.

As I started with, as paying Tech supporters you guys decide what you're okay with. I kind of think at some point some fans will be lost because parents won't want their kids around all that off-field aggression, but once again, you bought the ticket, you enjoy your show.

I just wanted to state for the record that even though we were obviously wronged, not all of us think this is a good look for our hometown university.

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