It seems that some people have an ax to grind, and can't find a place to do it properly.


Four persons of African-American persuasion apparently picked up a white guy for no other reason than to beat and torture him. The comments they made on the live video they streamed about "white people" and "Trump" led them to be charged with a hate crime. It pretty much seems like an opened and closed case but....

Some people want to use this as an example of something, but they can't quite seem to figure out what.  They don't understand why there wasn't rioting about this, why the President didn't speak up, and why they weren't charged with a hate crime.

Yes, you read that correctly. I keep seeing memes, even on my fairly liberal Facebook page about people mad that these four weren't charged with a hate crime. Except they were charged with a hate crime. It doesn't appear there was any delay either. The picked them up, and as soon as charges were brought, they were appropriately charged with a hate crime. Done.

Let me explain this to those of you with thick skulls. There was no injustice here. There was no one turning a blind eye to the crime. No one got away with anything. There was no systematic denial of rights or anything. There was a crime committed and since it was streamed live on Facebook, there was no denying the motives behind the attack and the four were charged quickly and appropriately.

This is how justice is supposed to work. We don't riot or protest when things are done right. Those of you that are trying to make this something other than what it is, have some deep-seated fears or hatred that you need to deal with immediately. It's either that or you're too stupid or lazy to figure out the thing you want has already been done without delay.


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