I always thank the people who made my food. I don't just say 'thank you' at the window when I'm handed my order. If I'm eating in, I thank the entire crew as I'm leaving.

I'm not looking to impress you with my magnanimous behavior; I'm just hoping you can start paying it forward, too.

Some fast food work may be easy in that it doesn't require much instruction, but that doesn't mean it is not hard work. Being on your feet in a hot kitchen is not a walk in the park. Then, there are the other duties they have (cleaning the bathrooms you trash up and such). And then there's just "dealing with the public."

You can ask anyone in any service industry and they'll tell you that some people are just plain a-holes. They come into the businesses not paying attention and often looking to take their bad day out on someone else.

I believe I've expressed it before, but I've kind of noticed that it's the same people over and over and over again on my feed complaining 'they can't even get my order right.' Well, if you've visited multiple places and they can't ever get your order right, my belief is the common denominator: you. I rarely have these problems, and in the very few instances I have, I've realized I wasn't clear in my instructions.

Those are real humans behind the counter there. Treat them the way you want to be treated, and maybe they'll treat the next person even better.

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