We love all dogs, but it's time for this special breed to get a high five.

Battersea Dogs Home Attempt To Rehome Abandoned And Stray Dogs
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FMX and Pets Plus are looking for the pit bull with the most personality. We'll do seven rounds of pre-pit action, then put it back to you to vote for the Grand Champion Pittie!

You are welcome to enter as many different pictures of your pit as you'd like in all of the rounds (we know how hard it can be to get that perfect picture of your dog).

Weekly winners will score toys and treats from Pets Plus, dog food from Tractor Supply, treats from Three Dog Bakery Lubbock, hookups from Regal Pet Resort and grooming from Doggone Beautiful.

The Grand Prize winner will get additional goodies from Pets Plus, a pet carrier from Sutherlands, a doghouse from Tractor Supply and grooming from Resa's K-9 Salon.

You can show us your pits by filling out the form below completely.

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