By now you've heard the new Tool, but there's lots to be excited about right now.,

I'm still all about the music. I do what I do to be near music and trust me when I tell you there's so FANTASTIC stuff out there.  I'm still the guy to drag you over to the stereo when a great new song comes on.

I wanted to take a couple minutes and expose you to five new tracks that are in the maximum rotation behind the scenes and in my head.

  • 1

    Highly Suspect-16

    The first time I heard this song I listened to it at least five times in a row. I listen to this song every morning and turn up the radio every time it comes on. There is just something about the raw emotion and tiny bit of soul in this track that compels me to listen to it over and over again.

  • 2

    Ghost-Kiss The Go Goat

    I love the new Ghost. I'm not even sure if the record label is going to put this song out for radio play. It wasn't that long ago that they finally released "Faith" off the last album. The band, however, wanted some new music to kick off a new tour and is putting out the "Seven Inches Of Satanic Panic" single with this track and "Mary On A Cross" on the flip side.

  • 3

    Weezer-End Of The Game

    Maybe you've never noticed that Weezer worships at the altar of Van Halen. Even their logo looks a little Van Halenish...and guess what their new album is going to be called? Yup, Van Weezer. This singles opening solo and riff could have been off any Sammy Hagar era Van Halen record.

  • 4

    Dirty Honey-When I'm Gone

    You have a choice to make. On Thursday, November 7th this band plays Jakes. The very next night it's Bad Wolves (then again you could be hardcore and see both). As much as I love Bad Wolves, and even though I haven't seen them yet, I will be at the Dirty Honey show. That's how much I love this. The singer sounds like Bon Scott meets Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes.

  • 5

    Glorious Sons-Panic Attack

    You may have heard this song, but did you realize that this is the same guys that did S.O.S. (Sawed Off Shotgun)?  This track sneaks up on you, grabs you and then holds on tight to your brain.

  • 6

    Green Day-Father Of All...

    You've probably heard this song, but did you know it was Green Day? You may have thought your favorite announcer screwed up when introing it, but this is indeed the new Green Day. Billie Joe sings in a falsetto for most of the song which really adds a new flavor to their sound.

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