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I have a bit of inside information for you pet lovers, builders are responding to your needs.

A 289-unit apartment complex is going up on North Slide over by the Alama Drafthouse. What makes this exciting is that not only is the place dog-friendly, it's custom made for dogs. The lower units of the complex will have private dog areas, and the complex will have a dog park.

I'm really warming up to that name "Slide North," too. At first, you think about the connection with the road, then there's the "ease on over" definition, too. Kind of like "slide north on over for a dog-friendly place to live at Slide North." (I guess I'm always writing ad campaigns in my head.)

In addition, the apartments will have a big focus on landscaping with a huge central green space through the center. The location has its own water wells. The developers have a good sense of what landscaping will thrive in Lubbock, so they're looking to bring a green, dog-centric complex to the community. The developers previously used some of this knowledge and focus on landscaping in the building of the Renaissance Apartments.

Having a complex that's pet-friendly has its own set of concerns, but they can be addressed and I'm very impressed with the developers for stepping up. I have no idea with the rules, rent, or deposits are, but if you love your dog, it's great to know that you'll have some options in the future.

The Slide North Apartments project is scheduled to break ground November 2020.

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FMX Listeners & Their Pets

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