Let's have a talk about my favorite (compound) word.

This Is Not a Post About Politics

This past week while talking about school shootings, some psycho intentionally laughed while the presenter was talking about school shootings. The presenter's response was, "It's not funny to me motherf***er."  I have to say, if there was ever a reason, short of finding someone having sex with your mother, to say motherf***er, then this was it.

Let's Not Have Faux Outrage

These days some of the more crude and coarse out there think nothing about putting a political sticker on their car or on a flag that says f-this or that political candidate. So let's not pretend that this is a big deal at all. After all, kids see bumper stickers and flags and they rarely watch the news channels. So yeah, don't even try to convince me you're offended by this kind of language.

Why Was That Guy Even There?

Why has no one asked why someone who supported an opposing campaign was there? Once again, I'm not getting into politics or dropping names, but why even let someone into an event if you know their intention is to be an a-hole?  So yeah, if you show up to cause trouble, you just may be called a motherf***er.

I Like the Realness of the Moment

I spent too much time watching TV and movies when I was younger. Calling someone who laughs at the death of children a motherf***er would not have been the end of it for me. I'm pretty sure they'd be prying my fingers off the guy's neck and I'd be writing this from jail. For the speaker to use this word/phrase shows me that his emotion, commitment and passion are real. You don't have to agree with them, but they are real.

I'm Not Going To Pretend I Don't Say It Often

I use that word as my preferred greeting with friends. To me it almost sounds like a 70's B-movie kind of thing. It's like how Quentin Tarantino writes a scene with two guys in a car. Samuel L. Jackson has pretty much made a career out of saying it. It's NO BIG DEAL.

Yeah, sometimes you just have to call a m*therf***er, a m*therf***er.

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