Does this mean your carhop can bring you a boozy Oceanwater?

The real answer is no. Apparently, this has been going on for a while as well.

Sonic does have a full line of branded alcoholic drinks and I must say they sound more than yummy. The hard seltzer flavors include sweet tea, cherry lime, orange pineapple, original limeade, melon medley, mango-guava, classic lemonade, and YES! the aforementioned ocean water.

Now, how about those frozen slushes? They operate just like those margaritas in a bag, that you may have seen in stores. Those are available in blue raspberry, cherry limeade, and watermelon.

I have always been a sucker for frozen, fruity drinks and I think this is 100% a winning lineup. I have to admit I wish Sonic had one of those margarita-type machines that could squirt me out a blue raspberry right now.  I can seriously see myself in the future with an order of cheddar peppers, a #2 (some of us still call the classic mustard burger that),  and one of those frozen bad boys on the back porch.

Sonic does have a "Find near you" button on the website describing the product and apparently, these things are all over the place (including in Idalou). In fact, I'm not even going to list all the places, I'll just take you to the search right here.

Sonic is always innovating and that's how great businesses stay in business. I'm going to have to say that those of us who love Sonic are going to love bringing a more adult version of their drinks into our houses.

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