Who is ready for a "change the world" kind of burger? This kid.

Okay, this is an inside scoop. Sonic is "soft launching" a new burger in the next few weeks that looks AMAZING. From what I saw, it's called a "Biggie Burger" and the picture sent to employees is mouthwatering.  Here's what I remember from what I was told, my apologies if it's not 100% correct (but there's no info out there on the interweb yet).

The burger will have a triple brioche bun (middle layer bun), two regular-sized Sonic beef patties, three slices of cheese, all the veggies and feature a hickory barbeque sauce on one side and mayo on the other (shades of the old #4 "smoke sauce burger").

So, who's ready for a throwdown? This monster should be like eating two burgers on top of each other. I'm ready to murder one of these bad boys RIGHT NOW!


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