Finally, something cool for Texas to be good at!

I love Texas. I love the people and the place. I don't like how conservative it can be in terms of behavior.  I don't think people should be picked on by churches because they love Halloween, or for heaven's sake, dancing. Sometimes good fun is just good fun.

Apparently, Texas agrees with me, because the Lone Star State just came in #4 in the Top States for decorating. Then again, maybe so many people in the Lone Star State decorate as a response to it's conservative nature. I'm making this claim, because believe it or not, Utah came in number one for decoration and Illinois came in number two. Number three could blow my theory out of the water though, because it's New Jersey,

All of this information comes from Google searches conducted and compiled for a place called "Lombardo Homes". Yes, it's another one of those surveys conducted to bring attention to something that is only partially related to the website, but you really can't argue when all it is is Google results distilled down into some (mostly) solid research.

I'm actually loving all the decorations, even though Halloween is apparently the time for large inflatables. One would think that inflatables and the Texas wind would not mix, but apparently, Texans are up to the challenge.

There are not many traditions that we get to pass along anymore. It seems that all that is left is Halloween, Christmas, and the 4th Of July.  It seems to me that even Valentine's Day is fading along with Easter, so let's make the most of what I'll call "The Big Three".

Happy Halloween Texas! Keep showing your spooky spirit right there on your front lawn.

WTF Halloween Inflatables

There's a lot going on.

Gallery Credit: Nessmania

Check Out The Rochester House With Over 100 Inflatables Up for Halloween!

One word...AWESOME! If you are looking for a Halloween display that goes all out, you've got to stop at the Boyer house at 51st Street NW in Rochester, Minnesota. They will have a massive display, including a tunnel, and invite everyone to come out and see their display. They usually collect donations to help those facing food insecurity in our community as well. So, bring a few dollars, or $10, and enjoy this amazing display created for you.

Gallery Credit: Jessica Williams

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