I have always maintained this was a thing, today I finally looked it up.

It all started with some Ghost Pepper Salsa. Ordinarily, I wouldn't even mess with anything that has "ghost pepper" in the name, but this stuff was tasty and VERY hot.  You can imagine my surprise the next morning when groggy-eyed and not thinking about the day before I got a case of spicy urine.

Everyone knows you can get a burn in your most delicate place after some hot food, but for some reason, everyone I've ever talked to about it denied that you can get a warm winkie from hot sauce. Instead, you get some kind of clap-back about an s.t.d.

I finally looked this up and it is called "spicy urine" and IT IS A THING.

Animal studies have shown that capsaicin is eliminated mainly by the kidneys, with a small untransformed proportion excreted in the feces and urine

Now, not only can hot sauce give you a little burn in your stream, but so can overly acidic foods. If the previous article wasn't enough, here's one that's a little more in plain English:

Since jalapenos are naturally spicy and hot in nature, they can literally cause pain from the time you ingest them until they exit your body.

So there you have it jokesters, it's not an s.t.d. it was this exact salsa:


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