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Yeah, a sign that we love is back!

We're all looking for signs of normalcy, and this time it's an actual sign. An FMX RockShow listener spotted the Spirit Halloween Store sign. There is one change, and it may actually be for the better.

The sign was spotted at the old Savers location, which is a huge space. I'm not much on square footage or spatial relationships, but I think that's bigger than their old home behind the Hong Kong Buffet. So they'll be moving from 4841 50th Street to 2015 50th Street. What remains to be seen is if they'll also have a secondary location.

I'm seriously hoping there will be some version of Halloween this year. I'm personally working behind-the-scenes to make sure we have a safe and fun Halloween attraction for everyone to check out. I think all of these things can be done if people will just behave properly and get into the spirit of things. I have tried to find info on a couple of other area attractions, and no announcements have been made yet.

I would totally hate for the little buggers to miss out on Halloween, so it might be nice to have a backup plan, like a Zoom party, ready to go. You could decorate the background and let the kids dress up and tell spooky stories online.

COVID-19 has canceled a lot of things; let's not let it cancel Halloween. Mask up now so you can mask up later.

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