There is something in my DNA that goes against dropping a dime, but everyone has limits.


I don't bother folks who are minding their own business, but I can't abide by thieves.  I've been victimized several times a year out at Nightmare and it gets pretty frustrating. Fortunately, we were able to put some cameras out there and start gathering evidence when folks trespass and steal. I've  also had my car and truck tossed right in my own driveway.

Everything Lubbock is reporting that burglaries are on the rise for both business owners and residential neighborhoods. The greatest tool against this kind of crime is speaking up. If you see someone skulking around, call 911. If you hear strange noises or see someone rifling through a car late at night, call 911. If the cops catch them red handed, you don't even have to get involved. You just pick up the phone and tell the 911 operator that you're seeing something that just isn't on the level. By all means though, if you have security footage that could help someone else, share that too.

Most of these crimes are committed by repeat offenders. By locking them up now, you could keep yourself from becoming a victim next time. There's a big difference between "snitching" and reporting a thieving jackass.

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